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The tenant fee ban is going to see many agents and landlords absorbing the cost of tenant referencing.

To offset this you need the referencing done as cheaply as possible without compromising on quality. Other providers offer lower prices in exchange for your tenants becoming cold-call targets for insurance sales. That’s not great for building a good reputation. We don’t rely on insurance sales. OneRef uses the collective buying power of our members to get the lowest referencing prices possible.

There are no lengthy contract tie-in’s and sign up is FREE. The references are Fully Comprehensive, covering employer, previous landlord and credit history and they’ll be acceptable for the majority of rental guarantee insurance policies. Enjoy.

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How it works

OneRef brings together smaller independent lettings agencies and private landlords from all over the UK and uses collective buying power to get a much better price on tenant referencing. OneRef confidently secures lower referencing prices based on volume without turning your tenants into cold-call targets for utilities or insurance sales. With the fee ban looming, now is the time to take steps to minimise its financial impact and maintain your quality of service.

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Fully Comprehensive

Get a thorough insight into your potential tenants. OneRef is a collective purchasing system and the Fully Comprehensive references you will use are provided by LetsSafe, a trusted and reputable tenant vetting company. The references cover:

  • previous landlord
  • employer income verification
  • confirmation of address and undeclared link addresses
  • electoral roll
  • D.O.B validation and linked alias names
  • credit check
  • active and satisfied CCJ, IVA, Bankruptcy, Liquidation and Notice of Corrections history

The resulting tenant reference report will be sufficient to meet the requirements of most rental guarantee insurance products should your landlord wish to protect themselves. LetsSafe will also shortly be offering their own Rental Guarantee Insurance policies.

How much could you save?

* A full reference covers credit report, current landlord and current employer as well as an affordability assessment.

Current cost = 0 ex VAT

Oneref cost = 0 ex VAT

Estimated monthly saving based on average usage
(Current Cost - OneRef Cost) = 0

Yearly saving (Monthly saving x 12) = 0 ex VAT

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Membership is free and you could save around £1,200 per year on referencing, maybe more!